Glasses and optical Vending machine of glasses and optical accessories


This dispenser is perfect for those who have forgotten their glasses and/or products for lenses.


The customer can buy up to 5 different products at the same time among a choice of 38 references (sunglasses, children's glasses, eye drops, reading glasses...).

Moreover, this dispenser is equipped with a vision test system enabling the customer to choose the right glasses.
The small but important detail : a digital "memory game " at the side of the dispenser for the children waiting while their parents are making their purchases.

This vending is provided with a telemetric system enabling remote management of stock, sales, prices, pictures,...

The 22" touch screen is equipped with a friendly user interface to render the sale simple and faster.

This dispenser supports all types of payments : credit cards and contactless payments which are the most secure methods of payment as each transaction is immediately credited on your bank account. The distributor can be also equipped with a system cash for a cash payment.