After 15 years of experience in maintenance of cardboard production machines, Thierry SARAZIN decides to start up a new business.
AST International Equipment saw the day in 2001.

 Fond of electronics and mechanics, this businessman introduces his passion in his trade and makes increasingly more complex machines.

Thanks to a welcome meeting, he takes the opportunity to diversify his activities and embarks on the venture of Vending machines.

Nowadays, Thierry Sarazin is very well known, and AST International Equipment is a major player in the field of the automatic dispensers. At the present time, AST International Equipment is THE partner for all mechanical components and Vending machines.


AST is well-known for  3 main activities:

  • Fabrication of mechanical components from a pattern or a given plan,
  • Maintenance of  cardboard production machines,
  • Design and production of vending machines.

With the software SolidWorks, our engineering and design Department is able to conceive three dimensional plans and electrical designs. They can simulate the conceptions in real conditions. Our team will help you to make your ideas become true.




AST International Equipment will help you throughout your project : from the feasibility study to the production, you can trust our team. They will make their best to find the right answer to your requests relative to mechanics, automatism and IT.

Human Resources

This SME is composed of an engineering centre to design the automatic dispensers and the mechanical parts,  project managers in charge of the customers' follow-up, an IT department for development and supervision and a workshop.


AST International Equipment proposes the very last innovative technologies : mecatronics, telemetry...

Quality assurance

According to Bill Gates, the best recommendation for any business is a satisfied customer. AST International Equipment makes his best to meet customers' needs. Every products are checked and tested before delivery.