Thanks to our engineering Department and our expertise, we  will accompany  you throughout all  your projects.

  • Feasibility assessment,
  • Support
  • custom manufacturing
  • IT development

They  analyze and  plan the development of products as well as the choice of components by taking into account their integration, the duration needed, and the production cost.

Our IT Department can realize or  all or part of your application or modify an existing application.

We are able to develop all needed to meet  your expectations: machine interface, customer's interface, database, communication protocols, connections and peripherals management.

By Ast International Equipment, the outside design and the interface GUI belong to the customer. However, Ast International Equipment remains owner of the SOFT.

It is also possible to connect the vending machine to the producer's website/application and propose the online sale and Click & Collect option.





Thanks to our online platform VendingAst, you will be able to parameterize and manage your vending machine remotely from monitors, tablets or smartphone's :

  • Ad and/or modification of products
  • Access to prices and pictures
  • Stocks control
  • Statistics of sales with data export to Excel
  • Events notifications (stock 0 ...)










Plateforme de gestion en ligne VendingAst