Vending machine with lockers

CaseMatic : the connected solution for short supply chains !

In response to th succes of direct sale, Ast International Equipment innovates and creates its onwn Vending machine with lockers : the CaseMatic.

This vending machine of a new type is 100% made in France. With this dispenser, the farmers do not anymoyre need intermediates to sell their products directly to the customers. Moreover, they are free from the workload of a point of sale.

Placed in passage areas, away from sunlight and bad weathers, the CaseMatic is the ideal marketing mode thanks to its antonomy and provision of the products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The CaseMatic is modular and suitable for :

  • Fresh goods with short shelf life
  • Less fragile products

This automatic dispenser enables the producer to preserve his margins by proposing a fair price, and will appeal to customers willing to buy an ethic and responsible way. 



Tailor-made design


Our fully modular system gives the producer a wide choice of sizes of lockers and doors. In this way, the grower is certain to select the right solution for each product. The size of the vending machine changes in the same time as his turnover !

The CaseMatic is available in 2 versions, refrigerated or tempered, enabling so to sell food, non-food and fresh products.

The dispenser is equipped with a 22" touch-screen and a Graphic User Interface (GUI) making the sale quick and simple for the user.

A Led lighting device in all lockers enhance the products.

Daily management optimized   


An automatic dispenser is less binding than a point of sale. Indeed, it only needs to be respplied once or twice a day according the sales volume.

With VendingAst, the producer gets all information in real time from his Smartphone.

Thanks to this time gain, the grower may devote his energy to his job, without thinking about human, logistic and pay running needed by a store.



Once the customer has selected a case number, the price and the product display on the screen and the item is added to the cart. The customer may add products or directly pay by introducing money in the vending machine or by a credit card. The dispenser will show which locker to open.

Two delivery modes are available :

  • FiFo : first product stored, frist product sold
  • Locker selection : the user chooses a locker number and writes it on the touch screen, then the door will be opened.

All payment methods are available : credit card, contactless payment, cash.


 Ast International Equipment is the only manufacturer making lockers with automatic door closing.



Download the note here